FAB 0008 Rossini: Petite Messe Solennelle

FAB 0008 Rossini: Petite Messe Solennelle

Petite Messe Solennelle

Label: Amadeus Best

Composers: G. Rossini

Artists: Cristina Rubin, Brigitte Balleys, Ernesto Palacio, Francesco Ellero D’Artegna, Marco De Gaspari, Francesco Catena, Coro Accademia, Bruno Casoni

Sopranos: Lucia Belluso, Lucia Ellis Bertini, Alessandra Di Paolo, Yoshiko Kikuchi Wakayanagi

Mezzosopranos: Luciana Bertacchini, Marlena Bonezzi, Luisa Mauro, Simonetta Ceccon

Tenors: Massimiliano Italiani, Roberto Iuliano, D-Hyuck Kwon

Bass: Aiki Wakayanagi, In-Chul Lee, Sung Kong Yoo

Registration: Pievescola, Val d’Elsa (Siena) Relais La Suvera - 1-4 November 1992
Sound engineer and Art Direction: Ernesto Esposito
Assistant director: Chiara Esposito
Editing: Gennaro Carone
Instruments: Stainway & Sons pianos from the second half of the nineteenth century. Private collection of the master Franco Scala
Piano tuner: Fabio Angeletti
Harmonium: De Marchi - Trento

Format: 2 CD

Cat. number: FAB 0008

Release: April 2022

Among Rossini's works born in Passy, where the musician retired, abandoning the opera house for good, La Petite Messe Solennelle represents one of the peaks of sacred music: a small choral ensemble and only three instruments (two pianos and a harmonium) were enough to give life to a masterpiece. In this recording one of the greatest experts in choral music Bruno Casoni, for many years director of the Choir of the Teatro alla Scala and a selected ensemble of soloists, bring to life in an unrepeatable atmosphere the visionary work of a musician who could finally give free rein to his musical fantasies.

Preview Tracks CD 1

1. Kyrie – Andante maestoso

2. Gloria – Allegro maestoso

3. Gratias - Andante grazioso

4. Domine Deus – Allegro giusto

5. Qui tollis - Andantino

6. Quoniam – Allegro modereato

7. Cum Sancto Spiritu – Allegro maestoso

Preview Tracks CD 2

1. Credo – Allegro cristiano

2. Crucifixus – Andantino sostenuto

3. Et resurrexit - Allegro

4. Preludio religioso – Andante maestoso

5. Ritornello per il Sanctus – Andantino mosso

6. Sanctus – Andantino mosso

7. O Salutaris – Andante mosso

8. Agnus Dei – Largo