FAB 0016 Carmina Burana

FAB 0016 Carmina Burana

Carmina Burana

Label: Amadeus Best

Composers: Anonymous

Artists: Modo Antiquo, Bettina Hoffmann

Elena Cecchi Fedi, sopran; Lucia Sciannimanico, mezzosoprano; Paolo Fanciullacci, tenor, cornetto muto, zampogna, olifante; Federico Maria Sardelli, recordes, horn flute, flute, ciaramella, voice; Ugo Galasso, frecordes, ciaramelle, bombarda, drum flute, flute, voice; Mauro Morini, tromba da tirarsi, olifante; Anna Clemente, organ positivo; Bettina Hoffmann, viella, ribeca, tromba marina; Gian Luca Lastraioli, citola, liuto, voce; Daniele Poli, arpa, liuto, ghironda, salterio, campane, scacciapensieri; Massimo Risaliti, percussioni, effetti sonore.

Bettina Hoffmann, conductor

Recording: Firenze, Oratorio di San Francesco Poverino, 20-22 e 27-29 ottobre 1998, Matteo Costa

Artistic Direction: Bettina Hoffmann

Technical collaboration: Fabio Framba

Format: 2 CD

Cat. number: FAB 0016

Release: September 2022

This recording of the Carmina Burana edited by Bettina Hoffmann for performance by Modo Antiquo is the result of the comparative study of many parallel sources and comparison, with modern editions of those sources. The manuscript of the Carmina Burana consists of a notation that contains no information on the pitch of the notes and does not allow the melodies to be deciphered. For the musical reconstruction, it is necessary to refer to other sources of the time that contain the same tune or its counterfeits. As far as the poetic text is concerned, we have given preference to the original version of the manuscript; our text therefore diverges in some points from the Hilka/Schumann critical edition, which in numerous cases includes variants from parallel sources, opting for a more correct but sometimes less incisive Latin.

Preview Tracks CD 1

1. Ich Was Ein Chint So Wolgetan

2. Axe Phebus Aureo

3. Bache Bene Venies

4. Dulce Solum

5. In Taberna Quando Sumus

6. Veri Dulcis In Tempore

7. Alte Clamat Epicurus

8. Exiit Dilucolo Rustica Puella

9. Olim Sudor Herculis

10. Virent Prata Hiemata

11. Carmina Burana - Sic Mea Fata

12. Carmina Burana - Walthers Ton

13. Tempus Transit Gelidum

Preview Tracks CD 2

1. Bonus est confidere

2. Nomen a sollempnibus

3. Dic Christi veritas Bulla fulminante

4. O varium fortune lubricum

5. Fas et nefas

6. Veritas veritatum

7. Curritur ad vocem

8. Crucifigat omnes

9. Procurans odium

10. Ave nobilis

11. Ecce torpet probitas

12. Planctus ante nescia

13. Licet eger cum egrotis

14. Celum non animum