ALC 0030 Cantica Nova Neo Gregorian Chants of the 21st Century

Gregorian Chants

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Classical Music

Composers: Lanfranco Menga

Artists: Schola Gregoriana in Rome

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0030

Release: November 2019

Following extensive, in- depth studies and pratice of classic medieval monophonic repertoire, the composer Lanfranco Menga has composed a collection of Gregorian- style music scores. The tracks are indeed intended for a broad swath of uses and can be performed by soloists, or by a choir. These pieces are best adapted for a small ensemble, preferably notcomprising of a mixed-rangeof voices, and can be expressed through original style Gregorian Chants. They can also be the foundation for building rhythmic, poliphonic or even electro-tinged pieces. In this case, the text has been concieved as a guiding element, born from the best tradition of the Gregorian music, while leaving the executor free to add a quid of personnel.

Preview Tracks

1. Vanitas Antifona

2. Pone me Antifona

3. Qua Christus Inno

4. Salve Mater (1) Sequenza

5. Melius es Antifona

6. Nigra sum Antifona

7. Imitatores Responsorio

8. Salve Mater (2) Sequenza

9. Beatus vir Antifona

10. Ego quasi terebinthus Conductus

11. Haec est dies Inno

12. Si linguis Responsorio

13. De profundis Antifona

14. Omnis sapientia Antifona

15. Eructavit cor meum Antifona

16. Cum ergo Conductus

17. Specie tua Antifona

18. Sustinui te Antifona

19. Dilexisti Antifona

20. Quare fremuerunt Responsorio

21. Urbs Jerusalem Inno

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