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Music with Original Instruments

ALC 0074

ALC 0074 Keyboard Music from Codex Vienna, Minorite Convent, 714

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ALC 0070

ALC 0070 Mass for 5 voices, two violins, cello and organ

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Alc 0062

Alc 0062 Bach - Telemann

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Alc 0058

Alc 0058 Il Violoncello galante

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Alc 0056

Alc 0056 Beethoven Vol. 3

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ALC 0048

ALC 0048 Beethoven Vol. 2

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ALC 0047

ALC 0047 Viola da gamba - Le Jeu d'Harmonie

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ALC 0043

ALC 0043 Carlo Farina Mantovano

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ALC 0026 Beethoven Vol.1

ALC 0026 Beethoven Vol. 1

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ALC 0012

ALC 0012 InCanto Barocco

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