ALC 0038 Debussy  Bartók Nielsen Hindemith  Enescu Taktakishvili

ALC 0038 Debussy Bartók Nielsen Hindemith Enescu Taktakishvili

G. Enescu
Cantabile et presto

P. Hindemith
Sonate for flute and piano

C. Debussy

B. Bartók
Suite Paysanne Hongroise

C. Nielsen
The children are playing

O. Taktakishvili
Sonata for flute and piano

Category: Classical Music

Composers: Debussy, Béla Bartók, Nielsen, Hindemith, Enesco, Taktakishvili

Artists: Andrea Oliva, Roberto Arosio

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: 0038

Release: February 2020

The flute is one of the most ancient musical instruments and therefore, in one or more of its many variants, it is found in virtually all cultures worldwide. Thus, it unifies the West and the East, the past and the present, the “classical” repertoire and the spontaneous, unwritten music-making of many cultures around the globe. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that many composers of the Classical tradition drew tunes, rhythms and modes from the folk and popular heritage of their countries when writing for the flute. The recital recorded in this album is highly characteristic of such tendencies in the twentieth-century repertoire. With the notable exceptions of Hindemith and Debussy, the other composers represented here belonged in musical traditions regarded as “peripheral” with respect to the mainstream Western tradition: such is the case of Enesco’s Romania, Bartók’s Hungary, Nielsen’s Denmark and Taktakishvili’s Georgia.

Preview Tracks

1. Cantabile, G Enescu

2. Presto, G. Enescu

3. Heiter bewegt P. Hindemith

4. Sehr langsam, P. Hindemith

5. Sehr lebhaft, P. Hindemith

6. Marsch, P. Hindemith

7. Syrinx, C. Debussy

8. Rubato, B Bartók

9. Andante poco sostenuto, B Bartók

10. Poco rubato, B. Bartók

11. Andante, B. Bartók

12. Allegro, B. Bartók

13. Allegro, B. Bartók

14. Allegretto, B. Bartók

15. Allegretto, B. Bartók

16. L’istesso tempo – quasi trio, B. Bartók

17. Allegretto, B. Bartók

18. Allegretto, B. Bartók

19. Poco più vivo, B. Bartók

20. Allegro, B. Bartók

21. Allegro, B. Bartók

22. The children are playing, C. Nielsen

23. Allegro cantabile, O. Taktakishvili

24. Aria, O. Taktakishvili

25. Allegro scherzando, O. Taktakishvili