ALC 0075 Paganini

24 Plus 1 Capricci

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Classical Music

Composers: N. Paganini

Artists: Luca Fanfoni

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0075

Release: June 2022

There are many reasons why this collection of compositions, known to all as Paganini's Caprices, appeals to enthusiasts, even those who are not particularly well versed in the field of classical music. Let us try to list them: in first place I would certainly put the ambiguity of the genre. Exercises dedicated to those who want to learn violin technique taken to extremes, or pieces of bravura whose access is reserved for particularly skilled players? The answer is obvious. But it is the dedication of the composer himself that immediately gives us a clarifying answer. These compositions are generically dedicated to "artists" and, although not further specified, this term inevitably makes us think of the artists who hold Paganini's instrument: the violin. In fact, there are 24 compositions that almost paroxysmally highlight the bravura of the performer. Ricordi published them with the oP. no. 1, as if to underline that this is where it all begins.

Capriccio Plus One

Paganini's unpublished composition Capriccio for solo violin is dated Vienna 9 August 1828. This first version is composed in four lines, one for each finger of the performing violinist, dedicated to H.E. Count Maurizio Dietrichstein.


Preview Tracks

1. Capriccio No.1 in E major Andante

2. Capriccio No.2 in B Minor Moderato-Dolce

3. Capriccio No. 3 in E minor Sostenuto - Presto - Sostenuto

4. Capriccio No. 4 in C minor Maestoso

5. Capriccio No. 5 in A minor Agitato

6. Capriccio No. 6 in G minor Lento

7. Capriccio No. 7 in A minor Posato

8. Capriccio No. 8 in E flat major Maestoso

9. Capriccio No. 9 in E major Allegretto

10. Capriccio No. 10 in G minor Vivace - martellato

11. Capriccio No. 11 in C major Andante - Presto - Primo tempo

12. Capriccio No. 12 in A flat major Allegro

13. Capriccio No. 13 in B flat major Allegro - dolce

14. Capriccio No. 14 in E flat major Moderato

15. Capriccio No. 15 in E minor Posato - staccato

16. Capriccio No. 16 in G minor Presto

17. Capriccio No. 17 in E flat major Sostenuto - Andante

18. Capriccio No. 18 in C major Corrente , Tutta sulla quarta Corda - Allegro, minore, D.C. La Sestopla

19. Capriccio No. 19 in E flat major Lento -Allegro assai, Minore sulla 4^a corda-Allegro Assai

20. Capriccio No. 20 in D major Allegretto, Minore, D.C. - Allegretto

21. Capriccio No. 21 in A major Amoroso - Presto

22. Capriccio No. 22 in F major Marcato Minore martellato D.C.

23. Capriccio No. 23 in E flat major Posato, Minore D.C. il Posato

24. Capriccio No. 24 in A minor Tema quasi Presto con variazioni

25. Capriccio in G major M.S. 54 - Vienna, 9 agosto 1828