ALC 0028 Modern Music Spectrum

De Profundis
Et Exspecto 1st movement
Et Exspecto 2st movement
Et Exspecto 3st movement
Et Exspecto 4st movement
Et Exspecto 5st movement
Sequenza XIII "Chanson"
Jeux d'Anches
Plus I

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Contemporary - Electronic Music

Composers: Sofija Gubajdulina, Luciano Berio, Magnus Lindberg, Jukka Tiensuu

Artists: Valente José

Classical Accordion

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0028

Release: November 2019

For this CD, “Modern Music Spectrum”, there were two wishes: to record exclusively original modern music for accordion, and also to record something with my dear friend, and amazing clarinetist, Giovanni Punzi. For the solo repertoire, José Valente chose four of the most important works ever written for classical accordion. They explore most of the possibilities of the instrument, and they are dark, mysterious and intense. Regarding José Valente collaboration with Giovanni, they decided to play one of the best works written for accordion and clarinet, where the fusion of these two instruments is quite unique, flashy and colourful. All these pieces give the opportunity to the listener to know some of the most idiomatic works written for accordion. We hope you will enjoy this musical journey.

Preview Tracks

1. Sofija Gubjdulina - De Profundis

2. Sofia Gubaidulina - Et Exspecto - I Mov

3. Sofia Gubaidulina - Et Exspecto - II Mov

4. Sofija Gubajdulina - Et Exspecto (3rd movement)

5. Sofija Gubajdulina - Et Exspecto (4th movement)

6. Sofija Gubajdulina - Et Exspecto (5th movement)j

7. Luciano Berio - Sequenza XIII

8. Magnus Lindberg - Jeux d'Anches

9. Jukka Tiensuu - Plus I

Album Photogallery