ALC 0082 Solo and chamber music

Solo and chamber music

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Contemporary - Electronic Music

Composers: Pasquale Punzo

Flares (2020) Marco Salvio, Flauto -Recording September 2020- Renato Grieco, Sound Engineering
Come se il mare separandosi (2020) - Elvira Streva, piano
Ràscia (2021) - Maria Cristiana Tortora, cello
Rifts (2021) - Marco Salvio, flute - Maria Cristiana Tortora, cello - Elvira Streva, piano
Tra le petraie d’un greto (2021) Annalaura Tortora, violin - Francesco Venga, viola - Maria Cristiana Tortora, cello
Vanishing point (2021) I solisti dell’orchestra d’archi G.G. “Arrigoni” - Pasquale Corrado, conductor - Maurilio Cacciatore, Sound Engineering Live recording April 14, 2021  Auditorium Comunale - San Vito al Tagliamento (PN)
Theia (2021) Valeria Iannone, flute - Giuseppe Scotto Galletta, clarinet - Annalaura Tortora, violin - Maria Cristiana Tortora, cello - Elvira Streva, piano - Vincenzo D’Acunto, percussion - Marco Salvio, conductor

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0082

Release: November 2022

Pasquale Punzo's "Solo and Chamber Music", although positioned as the debut album of a young composer tackling the challenging repertoire of chamber music, already presents itself as a very coherent and musically accomplished work that hints at the definition of a conscious and personal language that effectively combines communicative needs with those of experimentation.

A multifaceted musician, a curious and refined artist, Pasquale Punzo bases his training on the careful study of tradition both as a pianist and as a performer involved in chamber music ensembles. Similarly with regard to his compositional training, the need to reconcile teachings derived from tradition with careful research and reflection on the evolution of the modes of expression of contemporary musical art remains central. All this is achieved through an accurate rethinking of the techniques and compositional procedures belonging to the past and present historical heritage and by embracing a noble conception of art, which is never just a craft or technique, but the result of a culturally aware act, arising from a perfect synthesis between creative intelligence and historical knowledge.

Preview Tracks

1. Flare I

2. Flare II

3. Flare III

4. Come se il mare separandosi (2020) - per pianoforte solo

5. Ràscia (2021) - per violoncello solo

6. Rifts (2021) - per flauto, violoncello e pianoforte

7. Tra le petraie d'un greto (2021) - per trio d'archi

8. Vanishing point (2021) - per sestetto d'archi

9. Theia (2021) - per ensemble