ALC 0044 Drops

ALC 0044 Drops


Category: Modern Classical Music

Composers: Paolo Vivaldi

Artists: Paolo Vivaldi

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: Alc 0044

Release: March 2021

Drops, like the drops of an autumn rain, like the drops of the sea that break on a rock, like the tears of pain, of joy, of love. Drops, like these piano notes that chase each other, seek each other out and wait to see themselves reflected in one another and multiplied in an infinite game of mirrors and refractions, where the listener's soul can find the most intimate, deepest emotions and lose itself in a sea, a sea of drops.

Preview Tracks

1. Drops

2. Slight Nostalgia

3. Changing Plan

4. Roberta

5. Balladas for Lonely people

6. Romantic Dating

7. Sunset Boulevard

8. Last Drop

9. Goodbye Loneliness

10. A Way to Escape

11. Loving You

12. Calm Sea

13. Country House Dinner

14. Last Kiss

15. Bright Youthness

16. Life