Alc 0055 Mother Nature

Alc 0055 Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Category: Modern Classical Music

Composers: Paolo Vivaldi

Artists: Paolo Vivaldi

Format: CD

Cat. number: ALC 0055

Release: September 2021

Mother Nature is the mother of all mothers, she is our breath, our light, our soul. The string orchestra is the musical ensemble most similar to the sound of nature: it can be like the waves of an ocean, like a summer storm, like the wind of a desert, of snowy peaks, of desolate and remote steppes. In these pieces the strings swaying between notes passages and harmonies create a flow, a tactus that merges and breathes with the mother of all mothers, Mother Nature.

Preview Tracks

1. Mother Nature

2. Summer Wind

3. Spring Rhapsody

4. Autumn Song

5. Full Moon

6. Forest Breathing

7. North Storm

8. Awakening

9. Magic Winter

10. High Tide

11. Boreal Dawn

12. Dreaming Sunset

13. Tropical Rain

14. After The Storm

15. For A New World