ALC 0110 Quadrivium


Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Modern Classical Music

Composers: Biagio Russo

Artists: Biagio Russo

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0110

Release: January 2024

The music of Quadrivium, the result of an improvisation set in studio, it’s an investigation on the various possibilities of an atypical quartet consisting of piano, two double basses and percussions. The interaction of the Campania-based trio formed by Biagio Russo, Gabriele Pagliano and Lucio Miele thus turns out to be amplified by the presence of the american double bassist Alexander Claffy.
The chamber dimension of this quartet, who often indulges in meditative episodes with melody-like flashes, didn’t prevent moments that results close to the experience of the 60’s jazz avant-gard, a certain period in the music history in which the addition of a second double bass became common amongst the innovators of that time. However meditating has also the meaning of keeping together; a fragile balance, as only the state of being in the moment can be, between worlds at the crossroads of the quadrivium.

Preview Tracks

1. Cancello Aperto Per Viandanti (Ascensione)

2. Di parole piccole


4. Quadrivium

5. Trasmissioni

6. Innesto Dialogico

7. Neuroblastoma #1

8. Nei Solchi

9. Intermezzo

10. Neuroblastoma #2

11. Cancello Chiuso Per Viandanti