ALC 0120 Whistling Classics

ALC 0120 Whistling Classics

Whistling Classics

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Modern Classical Music

Composers: Mats Heldberg, Elena Somarè

Artists: Mats Hedberg, Elena Somarè

Elena Somare´- Whistle

Mats Hedberg Classical Guitar and EBow

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0120

Release: June 2024

A completely new interpretation of songs from Italian and Swedish and classical music.
The project shows in all its amazing potential, a new voice in the musical panorama: The melodic whistle.
New because perhaps no one, until now, has succeeded like Somaré in freeing the art of whistling from the routine of mere virtuosity, to make it an expressive and moving instrument at the service of great music. A project made possible by the meeting with the Swedish guitarist, arranger and composer Mats Hedberg, who enthusiastically accepted the challenge of putting such a profound and rarefied sound at the centre.The album compares two different worlds, two cultural panoramas which however are connected to each other.
That of the Mediterranean passion and South American music and the Nordic one of snowy horizons and nostalgic ballads. With Mats managing to make ancient and popular Italian songs his own, arranging them in a new and very particular way, while Elena, exploring the more romantic range of her "instrument", adds a poignant dimension to Hedberg's Nordic sounds.

Preview Tracks

1. Folksong

2. Serenata

3. Aria Napoletana

4. Tarantella tipica

5. Antidotum Tarantula

6. Uccellino Verde

7. Whistling Air

8. Villanella Napoletana

9. Ocell Cantor

10. Song from Utanmyra

11. Sospiro dei Boschi

12. Dormi Stella