ALC 0108 Monteverdi Lamento di Arianna e altre musiche a voce sola vol.1

Lamento di Arianna e altre musiche a voce sola vol.1

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Music with Original Instruments

Composers: Claudio Monteverdi

Artists: Antonella Gianese, Vincenzo Di Donato, Valentina Cortese, Ensemble Concerto, Roberto Gini

Antonella Gianese, soprano
Vincenzo Di Donato Tenore
Valentina Cortese Voce recitante
Massimo Percivaldi Violino
Ugo Nastrucci Tiorba e Chitarra alla spagnola
Massimo Marchese Tiorba
Marco Angilella Violone

Ensemble Concerto

Roberto Gini, harpsichord

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0108

Release: December 2023

Two of the major works that made Claudio Monteverdi the innovator of the musical world of his time were concentrated between 1607 and 1608 in Mantua: Orfeo, Favola in musica in 5 acts (24th February 1607, libretto by Alessandro Striggio Jr.) and Arianna, Tragedia in a single act (28th May 1608, libretto by Ottavio Rinuccini).
The disappearance of any of Arianna's scores remains an unsolved mystery. We do not know what the musical style of the opera was, but from Rinuccini's libretto, we can guess that it was a development of the Florentine model of the Musiche di Iacopo Peri [...] sopra l'Euridice del signor Ottavio Rinuccini (Florence, 6th October 1600).
The libretto, from the opening in which Venus and Cupid converse with each other, leads back to the style of the Ballo delle Ingrate, staged the week after L'Arianna (4th June 1608), which Monteverdi published thirty years later as the conclusion of the VIII libro di madrigali (1638).

Preview Tracks

1. Lamento di Arianna

2. Tempro la cetra

3. Lettera amorosa

4. Partenza amorosa

5. Ballo del Monte Verde

6. Ohimè ch'io cado

7. La mia turca

8. Sì dolce è il tormento

9. Ahi che morir mi sento

10. Ama pur ninfa