FAB 0024 Follie - Bizzarie e stravaganze in musica dal '500 all'800

FAB 0024 Follie - Bizzarie e stravaganze in musica dal '500 all'800

Follie - Bizzarie e stravaganze in musica dal '500 all'800

Label: Amadeus Best

Composers: Various

Artists: Laganà Ensemble

Format: 2 CD

Cat. number: FAB 0024

Release: January 2023

What are the paths of a musical theme in the history of music? A striking example is the ancient Lusitanian dance that goes by the title of Follia (Folly). Linked to fertility rites, it seems that, being originally very fast, it led the dancers to states of psychic alteration (hence the origin of the name) and changed character as it entered noble palaces and courts, while retaining its original title. However, it may be chance or the beauty of the theme, one fact is certain: Follia, the leitmotif of these CDs, is one of the pieces that has stirred the imagination of composers more than any other since the Renaissance. We start with Solinas ('500) to arrive at Beethoven and Cramer (at the height of the 19th century) alternating, without interruption, names that belong to the Olympus of music history with unknown if not anonymous names.


Preview Tracks CD 1

1. Francisco Salinas - Vulgares quas Lusitani Follias vocant

2. Diego Pisador - Pavana sobre la Folia

3. Giovanni Stefani - Partita di Donna Amata, Aria della Folia

4. Anonimo - Folias

5. Anonimo - Otras Folias

6. Luys Milàn - Fantasia XI - La consonancias a espacio y los redobles apriesse

7. Alonso Mudarra - Fantasia X - Que contrahaze la Harpa en la maniera de Ludovico

8. Giovanni Maria Trabaci - Consonanze stravaganti

9. Anonimo - Tonos de Palacio

10. Girolamo Frescobaldi - Partite sopra Folia

11. Pietro Antonio Giramo - Partite sopra Fidele

12. Bernardo Pasquini - Partite diversi sopra Follia

13. Alessandro Scarlatti - Variazioni sopra la Follia di Spagna

14. Pietro Antonio Giramo - La Pazza

15. Jean Henry D'Anglebert - Prelude

16. Jean Henry D'Anglebert - Sarabande grave

17. Georg Friederich Handel - Sarabanda e variazioni

18. Antonio Soler - Fandango

Preview Tracks CD 2

1. Johann Sebastian Bach - Praeludium Fantasie

2. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach - 12 Variations Auf Die Folie d'Espagne

3. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach - Fantasie II

4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Capriccio K 395

5. Muzio Clementi - Capriccio In La Maggiore Op. 34

6. Muzio Clementi - Stravaganza

7. Ludwig Van Beethoven - Fantasie

8. Johann Baptist Cramer - Divertimento X