FAB 0035 Dvorak – Strauss – Brahms

FAB 0035 Dvorak – Strauss – Brahms

Serenade for 10 wind instruments, cello and double bass op. 44 in D minor - Serenade for 13 wind instruments op. 7 in E flat major - Serenade for small orchestra op. 16 in A major

Label: Amadeus Best

Composers: A. Dvořák, R. Strauss, J. Brahms

Artists: Paradiso Claudio, I fiati di Parma

I Fiati di Parma
Claudio Paradiso, conductor

I Fiati di Parma
Bruno Paolo Lombardi, piccolo/flute  Manuel Casel e Davis Mariotti, flutes  Paolo Pollastri, Augusto Mianiti, oboes  Francesco Zarba, Francesco Scozzaro, clarinets Marco Pannella, Angelo Agostini, Leonardo Consoli, Luca Berger, horns  Giorgio Mandolesi, Giuseppe Lo Curcio, bassoons  Alessio Pisani, contrabassoon Piero Massa, viola Leonardo Massa, cello Ubadlo Fioravanti, double bass

Recording: Parma, Biblioteca del Monastero Benedettino “San Giovanni Evangelista” 1-4 marzo 1999
Producer: Gaetano Santangelo
Executive producer: Claudio Paradiso
Exexutive recording & Editing: Roberto Chinellato

Format: 2 CD

Cat. number: FAB 0035

Release: May 2023

They are suitable for evening and night serenades, a musical genre that evokes light-hearted and carefree situations. They can be performed outdoors and are therefore particularly suitable for groups of wind instruments.  Here is one of the most representative examples of the entire repertoire dedicated to this ensemble. All you have to do is close your eyes and evoke a world that belongs to a distant past that is now unrepeatable.

Preview Tracks

1. Dvorak Serenata, op. 44 I Moderato

2. Dvorak Serenata op. 44 II Minuetto

3. Dvorak Serenata op. 44 III Andante con moto

4. Dvorak Serenata op. 44 IV Finale

5. Strauss Serenata op. 7 IAndante

6. Brahms Serenata op. 16 I Allegro moderato

7. Brahms Serenata op. 16 II Scherzo, Vivace

8. Brahms Serenata op 16 III Adagio non troppo

9. Brahms Serenata op 16 IV Quasi menuetto

10. Brahms Serenata op. 16 V Rondo'. Allegro