ALC 0010 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

ALC 0010 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Sonata No. 12 K. 332 In F Major
Sonata No. 13 K. 333 In B Flat Major

Category: Classical Music

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Artist: Sebastiano Brusco

Piano: Sebastiano Brusco

Tuning: A key 432hz

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0010

Release: November 2019

For these two Sonatas Brusco follows an aesthetic vision that enables the chamber music aspect of the Sonatas to acquire emotional depth and imaginative intensity. The result is extremely hypnotic and relaxing and originates from an inner need to communicate the music spirituality, rather than superficially showcasing the performance.

Preview Tracks

1. Sonata No. 12 - I Allegro

2. Sonata No. 12 - II Adagio

3. Sonata No. 12 - III Allegro Assai

4. Sonata No. 13 - I Allegro

5. Sonata No. 13 - II Andante Cantabile

6. Sonata No. 13 - III Allegretto Grazioso