11 ALC 0020 - Shqipëria Në art: Albanian Piano Works

ALC 0020 - Shqipëria Në art: Albanian Piano Works - 11

Category: Classical Music

Composer: Simon Gjoni, Kozma Lara, Ramadan Sokoli, Tonin Harapi, Aleksander Gashi, Haig Zacharian, Lec Kurti, Tish Daija, Shpëtim Kushta, Endri Sina

Artist: Marsida Koni

Piano: Marsida Koni

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0020

Release: April 2019

"Shqiperia/Land of the eagles" ALBANIAN PIANO WORKS is a unique and particular work of great interest both from the musical and historical point of view of the Albanian piano music of the 20th century. There are works of the very first Albanian piano writing such as L. Kurti and many others with important composers who were trained in the Soviet Union creating the Albanian school of composition. Their works matured in full communism, during the fall of the dictatorship and then the civil war. The music is characterised by the wide range of Albanian folkloristic musical elements. With E. Sina, the last piece of the CD, we arrive at one of the youngest Albanian composers in the international scene, who in his works continues the tradition of the Albanian compositional school mixed with a contemporary avant-garde language.

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1. Simon Gjoni - Lirikë Pranverore

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2. Kozma Lara - Sonata No. 1 - I Allegro ma non troppo

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3. Kozma Lara - Sonata No. 1 - II. Andante Tranquillo

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4. Kozma Lara - Sonata No. 1 - III. Allegro assai

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5. Ramadan Sokoli - Balladë No. 4

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6. Tonin Harapi - Sonatina - I Allegro non troppo

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7. Tonin Harapi - Sonatina - II Andante

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8. Tonin Harapi - Sonatina - III Rondò

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9. Aleksander Gashi - Preludio No. 2

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10. Aleksander Gashi -Preludio No. 4

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11. Haig Zacharian - Temë Me Variazione per Piano

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12. Lec Kurti - Romanza Senza Parole

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13. Tish Daija - Pesë Pjesë Per Piano

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14. Shpëtim Kushta - Vetë Tragjedia Kishte Humbur Udhën

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15. Endri Sina - Perhaps

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