ALC 0083 B. Britten - Complete guitar music

Complete guitar music

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Classical Music

Composers: Benjamin Britten

Artists: Marie Chabbey, Sophie Graf

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0083

Release: November 2022

Although Benjamin Britten's guitar music represents a very small part of his oeuvre, it contains all the dramatic genius of his greatest works. Britten’s interest in the guitar sprang from his friendship with the famous English virtuoso Julian Bream (1933-2020), to whom his guitar works are dedicated. Bream began performing with Britten’s partner, the tenor Peter Pears, in 1952. In order to expand the duo’s concert programs, Britten (1913-76) dedicated the sixth volume of his Folksongs arrangements to them. Written between 1956 and 1958, these songs illustrate both the composer’s affection for English musical heritage and his conception of the art song.

Preview Tracks

1. 01-B.Britten_ Nocturnal After J.Dowland op.70 - I Musingly

2. 02-B.Britten_ Nocturnal After J.Dowland op.70 - II Very agitated

3. 03-B.Britten_ Nocturnal After J.Dowland op.70 - III Restless

4. 04-B.Britten_ Nocturnal After J.Dowland op.70 - IV Uneasy

5. 05-B.Britten_ Nocturnal After J.Dowland op.70 - V March-like

6. 06-B.Britten_ Nocturnal After J.Dowland op.70 - VI Dreaming

7. B.Britten_ Nocturnal After J.Dowland op.70 - VII Gently rocking

8. B.Britten_ Nocturnal After J.Dowland op.70 - VIII Passacaglia

9. J.Dowland_ Come heavy sleep

10. J.Dowland_ Lachrimae Pavana

11. B.Britten_ Master Kilby

12. B.Britten_ I will give my love an apple

13. B.Britten_ The soldier and the Sailor

14. B.Britten_ Sailor boy

15. B.Britten_ Bonny at Morn

16. B.Britten_ The shooting of his Dear

17. B.Britten_ The big chariot

18. 18-B. Britten The old lute

19. 19-B.Britten_ Autumn wind

20. 20-B.Britten_ The herd boy

21. 21-B.Britten_ Depression

22. 22-B.Britten_ Dance Song