ALC 0116 Barison Works for violin and piano

Works for violin and piano

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Classical Music

Composers: Cesare Barison

Artists: Falasca Fabrizio, Lorenzo Cossi

Fabrizio Falasca, violin

Lorenzo Cossi, piano

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0116

Release: April 2024

Cesare Barison was born on New Year's Day 1885 in Venice.
The son of the well-known painter Giuseppe Barison, he moved with his family to Trieste at an early age. He received his first musical education from Maestro Vram; a precocious violinist talent, after an audition with Váša Příhoda, he was accepted at the school of the latter's teacher, the great Otakar Ševčík, in Prague, where he perfected his skills for two years.
His career began brilliantly and in his early twenties he gained widespread acclaim throughout Europe: he played the Bruch Concerto in Berlin in the presence of the composer, performed in Budapest, Vienna, Monte Carlo and undertook extensive tours in Egypt, Mexico and Cuba. In those years, Barison came into contact with the best of European concert life: he received the enthusiastic approval of Godowsky, met Kreisler, Pavlova, Grumiaux, and Milstein, with whom he formed a lasting friendship.
The years of fascism unfortunately mark a setback and progressive isolation: Barison is an adamant anti-fascist. After the war, however, with the provisional allied government in Trieste, comes his revenge: due to his clear reputation and uncompromising conduct, he is unanimously elected Superintendent of the Verdi Theatre, a position he held for a decade.

Preview Tracks

1. Op.2 Reve

2. Op.2 Chant D’Amour

3. Op.2 Au Printemps

4. Op.2 Mazurka

5. Op.2 Legende

6. Op.7 Mazurka caprice

7. Op.8 Impromptu hongrois

8. Op.9 Chanson russe

9. Op.9 Danse espagnole

10. Op.9 Petite histoire

11. Op.10 Cloche du soir

12. Op.10 Danse des Sylphes

13. Op.10 Vision

14. Op.11 Danse visionnaire

15. Op.11 Chanson du rossignol

16. Op.12 Berceuse mignonne

17. Op.12 Valse romantique

18. Op.12 Marcia festosa

19. Op.14 Canzone lontana

20. Op.14 Danza rustica

21. Op.15 Preghiera

22. Op.15 Canzonetta

23. Op.15 Notturno

24. Tartini-Barison Adagio cantabile

25. Tartini-Barison Fuga in sol maggiore