ALC 0096 Latite


Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Contemporary - Electronic Music

Composers: Anacleto Vitolo

Artists: Vitolo Anacleto

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0096

Release: May 2023

Latite is the second album published by Aulicus Classics, from the electronic and electroacoustic composer Anacleto Vitolo, who continues his research path into the interaction between man and machine in the form of compositions that make the sound "grain", both in an artistic and purely technical way, one of the focal points of Latite's sound research work.
Once again the sound grain is transferred to a suggestion that looks to the world of minerals in a parallelism between the aesthetics of the pieces and the characteristics of the materials that give the compositions their name.
Similarly, Latite is linked to the previous Obsidian also in the choice of sound materials, instruments and processes applied to them.
The acoustic instruments are used and processed in such a way as to merge and mix up with the synthetic electronic material and the live electronics in order to mix them in a complete and indissoluble way.

Preview Tracks

1. Rhyolit

2. Selenite

3. Basalt

4. L'una

5. Muscovite

6. Latite

7. Bauxite

8. Celestine

9. Kyanite