Andante KV 315 for Flute and Orchestra Piano Concert KV 414 N.12 Symphony KV 201 N.29

Category: Live Recordings

Composers: W. A. Mozart

Artists: Sebastiano Brusco, Andrea Ceccomori, Harmoniae Aureae Orchestra

Sebastiano Brusco, piano - Andrea Ceccomori, flute - Harmoniae Aureae Orchestra - Manfred Croci, director

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0045

Release: March 2021

The proposed repertoire of this recording is the result of Sebastiano Brusco's executive approach, which "draws its inspiration from an artistic-interpretative philosophy, in which cantabile and subtle harmonic relationships and tensions are sought". After having started the complete recording of Mozart's sonatas on a modern piano, with the so-called "Accordatura Aurea" (La = 432 Hz), our musician almost inevitable wished to use these intonation sonorities with an expanded ensemble, to the point of founding a new orchestra in Rome, made up of soloists who fully shared its spirit, for this reason called "Harmoniae Aureae" - unique in the national panorama - which debuted in 2019.

Preview Tracks

1. Andante KV 315 for Flute and Orchestra

2. Allegro Piano Concert KV 414 N.12

3. Andante cantabile Concert KV 414 N.12

4. Rondò Allegretto Concert KV 414 N.12

5. Allegro moderato Symphony KV 201 N.29

6. Andante Symphony KV 201 N.29

7. Menuetto allegretto trio Symphony KV 201 N.29

8. Allegro con spirito Symphony KV 201 N.29