ALC 0064 Piano Preludes

Piano Preludes

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Modern Classical Music

Composers: Aurelio Canonici

Artists: Canonici Aurelio, Buttà Gilda

Format: CD

Cat. number: ALC 0064

Release: January 2022

The pieces of this CD explore emotional and expressive dimensions of great suggestion, nowadays however frequently neglected. The piano becomes a vehicle to give sound concreteness to slowness, introspection, longing and meditative resonance. Most of the pieces take shape, open, develop, reach a climax and then dissolve, vanish, occasionally leaving question marks, suspended sentences. The language is simple and at the same time harmonically refined; the melodies are circular, sometimes archaic, with echoes between French impressionism and minimalism, filtered through the evocation of a soundtrack that is very contemporary and at the same time ancient. Preludes then, as openings and preparations to our most hidden interiority.

Preview Tracks

1. Deep remembering

2. Anovas

3. Farewell

4. Peacefully

5. Floating

6. Wide spaces

7. Under the mountain

8. Resonance

9. Once upon a time

10. Jazz memories

11. Introspection

12. Sofia

13. Words written in sand

14. Thinking at you

15. Waiting for

16. LeKolech