ALC 0071 Weiss Noten

Weiss Noten

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Modern Classical Music

Composers: Claudio Quartarone

Artists: Quartarone Claudio

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0071

Release: April 2022

Claudio is a multifaceted guitarist and musician, attentive and fascinated by music and sounds very distant from each other, but he has always had a clear and particular predilection for the classical guitar, an instrument that he knows deeply and that allows him a full artistic expression. He can be considered a classical musician, not for the specialization in a specific repertoire or for the adherence to a particular historical period, he is so because the sound and the expressive modalities of the classical world, as well as the knowledge of the formal rules and the ways to circumvent them, belong to him so much to flow with extreme naturalness, becoming the means that allows him to combine improvisation, often used by him as instant composition, with a form that refers to the Baroque period for the melodic voices in counterpoint and to the Romantic period for the development of a wider coloristic and structural palette. But references to other musical components are present throughout most of the album. Almost every track is a journey through time and history.

Preview Tracks

1. Lativ

2. Cantabile

3. Chapter Five

4. Pyramids

5. Throwback

6. Brain Waves

7. Daydreaming

8. Heavy Weights

9. Shape Of Them

10. Blank Space