ALC 0085 Nordic elements

Nordic elements

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Modern Classical Music

Composers: Stefan Pöntinen, Mats Hedberg

Mats Hedberg, guitar, EBow and pedals

Stefan Pöntinen, violin

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0085

Release: December 2022

In a cold winter evening the two composers Mats Hedberg and Stefan Pöntinen met at Visby international composer centre both guests at the composer centre in visby gotland sweden to compose new music.Mats invited Stefan to Play violin on one of his compositions tkistU ,the result was a marvelous EBow and Violin dialogue! Mats has also written the first and only Manual for the EBow: the Electronic Bow! Stefan a classic contemporary composer educated in classica music tradition, Mats coming from a background of progressive and improvisational rhytm music, both decided to do an album together from the land of ice and snow, fresh and vigouring classical contemporary music in an unorthodox way!
Mats and Stefan experiments and offers new sounds and visions!
A combination of old and new Mats Using Pedals and The EBow on one track!


Preview Tracks

1. Preludium

2. Rytm

3. FialUno

4. FialFolk

5. FialDuo

6. FialFyr

7. TkistU

8. A Nordic Element

9. Element B Nordic

10. Nordic C Element

11. D Nordic Element

12. Nordic Element E