ALC 0117 The Division Violist (Volume 2) Balthazar-Coleman-Facy-Jenkins-Polewheele-Simpson-Webster

Viola da gamba The Division Violist (Volume 2) Balthazar-Coleman-Facy-Jenkins-Polewheele-Simpson-Webster

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Music with Original Instruments

Composers: Thomas Balthazar, Charles Coleman, Hugh Facy, John Jenkins, Polewheele, Christopher Simpson, Maurice Webster

Artists: Roberto Gini, Guido Andreolli, Dario Landi, Marco Angilella

Roberto Gini      Division Viol
Guido Andreolli  Virginal
Dario Landi        Theorbo
Marco Angilella   Division Viol

Roberto Gini Viola da gamba | Instrument: copy of Henry Jaye, 1624 (Federico Löwenberger, Genoa 2009) - Recording made at the auditorium of the ‘Antonia Pozzi’ music school in Corsico (Mi) 4th, 5th, 6th February 2022 - Sound technician Silvano Landonio Recording consultant Aimone Gronchi
Post-production and editing Roberto Gini
Photographs Alessandro Guatti - Production manager Rosella Clementi - Publishing supervisor Romano Di Bari - Artwork Chiara Gimmelli - Cover Art: Colin Campbell Cooper, Jr. (1856 – 1937) Fifth Avenue and NY Public Library, New York (1910's)

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0117

Release: April 2024

The italian Viola Bastarda and the Division-viol can be named "sister viols". The Viola Bastarda is a middle size viol falling between the tenor viol and the bass viol, which allows for a greater extension thanks to different tunings, that unlike the typical viol contain intervals of a fifth. Its repertoire originates from polyphonic compositions in tablature as conceived for ‘perfect instruments’ on which one can exceed the normal range allowing for more virtuosic movement and space for one’s own fantasies which recall all of the different themes of the original composition, Madrigale, Chançon or Motteto. The literature for the Division-viol also comes from prior music in which there were improvised parts and fantasies, but instead of making use of vocal compositions, it exploits a “virtual” polyphony based on a Ground, or in other words the bass line of an Aria.


Preview Tracks

1. Simpson Prelude

2. Simpson Divisions in d n.27

3. Butler Division in C n.6

4. Jenkins Divisions in A n.1

5. Coleman Divisions in g n.15

6. Webster Divisions in C n.13

7. Polewheele Divisions in a n.5

8. Facy Divisions in d n.8

9. Polewheele Divisions in c n.9

10. Balthazar Divisions in G n.14