ALC 0023  J. Brahms  A. Dvořák

ALC 0023 J. Brahms A. Dvořák

Trio n.3 op.101 in C minor
Trio "Dumky" in E Minor, Op. 90

Category: Classical Music

Composers: J. Brahms, A. Dvořák

Artists: Trio Siciliano, Silviu Dima, Giorgio Gasbarro, Fabio Piazza

Violin: Silviu Dima

Cello: Giorgio Gasbarro

Piano: Fabio Piazza

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0023

Release: November 2019

Trio Siciliano chose to record two of the most representative romantic period composers like Johannes Brahms and Antonin Dvořák because they describe two types of romantic expressions. Brahms, in his trio, describes a symphonic romanticism with powerful rhythmic movements, lyricism and grace, while Dvořák describes feelings and moods through the "dumkas" as a party, a funeral, a landscape... It is like playing folk music with a classic cure.

Preview Tracks

1. Brahms - Op. 101 in C Minor - I Allegro Energico

2. Brahms - Op. 101 in C Minor - II Presto Non Assai

3. Brahms - Op. 101 in C Minor - III Andante Grazioso

4. Brahms - Op. 101 in C Minor - IV Allegro Molto

5. Dvořák - Op. 90 - I Lento maestoso

6. Dvořák - Op. 90 - II Poco Adagio

7. Dvořák - Op. 90 - III Andante

8. Dvořák - Op. 90 - IV Andante Moderato

9. Dvořák - Op. 90 - V Allegro

10. Dvořák - Op. 90 - VI Lento Maestoso

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