ALC 0029 Chausson

Concerto for violin, piano and string quartet in D Major Op. 21
String quartet in C Minor Op. 35

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Classical Music

Composers: E. Chausson

Artists: Philharmonia Chamber Players, Falasca Fabrizio, Sarah Oates, Yukiko Ogura, Villeminey Eric, Pieranunzi Gabriele, Ju Jin

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0029

Release: November 2019

The Concerto op.21 for violin, piano and string quartet by Ernest Chausson is a highly visionary, suggestive piece and an important example of chamber music. The style falls within the romantic tradition, however, if one looks back at the great French composers such as Lully, Rameau or Couperin, the influence of their styles are clearly apparent. Chausson's quartet in C minor op.35 is another important example of chamber music. Numerous composers influenced Chausson in this piece. Chausson himself declared that it was “inspired” by Beethoven.


Preview Tracks

1. Decide'. Calme .Anime'

2. Sicilienne.Pas vite

3. Grave

4. Tres anime'

5. Grave - Modere'

6. Tres calme

7. Gaiement et pas trop vite

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