ALC 0041 Busoni

ALC 0041 Busoni

Suite K88
Sonata BV138
Serenade K108
Preludio No 1, allegro
Preludio No 2, andante
Reverie Pastorale (F. Busoni)
Novellette K116, allegro
Andantino K107
Solo dramatique K101, allegro maestoso

Category: Classical Music

Composers: Ferruccio e Ferdinando Busoni

Artists: Paolo Beltramini, Roberto Arosio

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0041

Release: February 2021

The Réverie Pastorale (1878) written by Ferdinand in a single movement, is composed of two idyllic moments interspersed with a central pastoral dancing melody and a brilliant cadence of the solo clarinet. Between 1877 and 1879, the unfinished Sonata K 138 dates back to the years between 1877 and 1879, of which only the first three movements have survived. Rich in original thematic cues, this composition highlights the young Ferruccio's firm formal knowledge of the classical form of the sonata. Performed for the first time in Bolzano (1879) by his father at the clarinet and by the composer himself at the piano, the Suite K 88 (1878), in the six movements of which it is composed, offers us a varied sample of sonorities and virtuosities, which reach peaks of high lyricism in the extraordinary Elegia centrale. With the exception of the Andante con moto K 72 (1878), the Andantino K 107, the Serenade K 108, the Novellette K 116 and the Solo Dramatique K 138 date back to 1879, all pages rich in melodic inventiveness and pervaded by Brahmsian ancestry.The CD is completed by the unpublished Due Preludi K 15 and 19 (1875), two short pages characterized by simple and singable melodies entrusted to the clarinet and accompanied by piano arpeggios.

Preview Tracks

1. Suite K88: Improvvisata, allegro

2. Suite K88: Barcarola, allegretto

3. Suite K88: Elegia, adagio

4. Suite K88: Danza campestre

5. Suite K88: Tema variato, andante e sostenuto

6. Suite K88: Serenata

7. Suite K88: Andante con moto K72

8. Sonata BV 138: Allegro Deciso

9. Sonata BV 138: Andante

10. Sonata BV 138: Menuetto

11. Sonata BV 138: Serenade K108

12. Sonata BV 138: Preludio No. 1, allegro

13. Sonata BV 138: Preludio No. 2, andante

14. Sonata BV 138: Reverie Pastorale (Ferdinando Busoni)

15. Sonata BV 138: Novellette K116, allegro

16. Sonata BV 138: Andantino K107

17. Sonata BV 138: Solo dramatique K101, allegro maestoso