ALC 0054 Suite des Sentiments

ALC 0054 Suite des Sentiments

Suite des Sentiments

Category: Modern Classical Music

Composers: Lorenzo Carulli

Artists: Lorenzo Carulli

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0054

Release: July 2021

"Suite des Sentiments" borns from the desire to describe how emotions belong to every time and every place; they undoubtely symbolize the force that nourishes the human being, the strength that could bring us down and at the same time rise us again to a new life and unexpected joy.

Feelings will always be our instinctive way for striving and fighting toward a better road, the most important instrument to understand who we are and what we need. In other words: the answer we all are looking for.

Preview Tracks

1. Unexpected bells

2. Pas encore

3. Window to the Sea

4. Through the mountains

5. Lost Adagio

6. Olivia

7. Move on

8. Tenderness

9. Forgotten Beauty

10. Lullaby

11. Grains of sand

12. Infine