Alc 0063 Insecto Symphonia

Insecto Symphonia

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Modern Classical Music

Composers: Rosella Clementi

Artists: Rosella Clementi

Format: cd

Cat. number: Alc 0063

Release: January 2022

Insecto Symphonia is a composition that draws the swirling movement of insects, sporadically annoying and at times obsessive, which symbolizes the events of existence and the unpredictable ‘attacks’ of everyday life, to which the human being tries to make himself impermeable, not by escaping, but by trying to remain still in one's center, anchored in an inner reality that tries to make itself alien to harmful suggestions.

The realization of this plot passes through digital elaborations of concrete sounds: these include the human voice, percussion, string and wind instruments, recorded by exploring the different timbres, grasping the nuances of the different attacks of the sound and its insufflation into the instrument, the movement of the fingers on the keys, the mingling of vibrating traditional instruments with everyday objects (metal objects, water bowls, fragments of fabrics, stones and minerals of various kinds, etc.).

In Insecto Symphonia the compositions search for sounds that go to the edge of the existential paradox, between motion and immobility, in an attempt to reveal the counterpoint between these two worlds.


Preview Tracks

1. Vibrating Soundbox

2. Insecto Symphonia

3. Deep Magma

4. Colorful Riot

5. Pulse

6. Bright Darkness

7. Archaic Dilemma

8. Neanderthal

9. Plato's Cave

10. Heartbreaking

11. Intertwine Breath

12. Fear