ALC 0069 Largo appassionato

Largo appassionato

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Modern Classical Music

Composers: Micki Piperno

Artists: Micki Piperno

Format: cd

Cat. number: ALC 0069

Release: March 2022

A transversal, elegant music, realized with few elements that can leave the listener with the possibility of imagining a larger ensemble. The subtlety of the guitar parts, played by Micki Piperno, represent the backbone of the various compositions and are the cornerstone of the entire project, both in the live performance and in the work in the recording studio. In his hands the instrument acquires a new found dignity and recovers a function, an influence too often belittled or entrusted, in a recent maybe not so close, to other instruments, usually keyboard. The elegant proposal of the formation never provides the word, the sung text, theirs is pure intention and instrumental invention, however, the music generated has its own intimate song, narratively unexpressed yet direct, recognizable, not misrepresented, compelling, is a music that despite the silence imposed on the voice tells: the effect of this choice certainly not marginal, thus allows the music to deflagrate even more freely, revealing again and again its greatest gift, to allow the imagination to fly.

Preview Tracks

1. Morfeo

2. A Race In The Sky

3. Kore

4. Dreaming Of The Island

5. Easy Conversation

6. Cassandra

7. It's Right Now

8. Maybe I'll Get There

9. Another Prayer