ALC 0070 Mass for 5 voices, two violins, cello and organ

A. Nola - Salvatore - P. A. Ziani - C. Caresana

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Music with Original Instruments

Artists: Ensemble Festina Lente, Michele Gasbarro

First world recording

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0070

Release: April 2022

Few news are available about Antonio Nola. Even research manuals and encyclopedic dictionaries make no mention of the author.According to the news reported by Hanns-Berthold Dietz, Antonio Nola was born in 1642 from Tommaso Nola and Laura Rossa and at the age of 10, in 1652, he became a pupil of Giovanni Salvatore at the Conservatorio dei Turchini in Naples. In 1674 he was regularly in the service of the Oratory of the Gerolamini, an institution in which he remained for a long time, copying much sacred music for the needs of the Oratory and collaborating with many musicians in the service of that institution, from Giovanni Maria Trabaci, Scipione Dentice (nephew of Fabrizio Dentice), Giovanni Maria Sabino and the M. of the royal chapel Filippo Coppola and Erasmo di Bartolo ("Padre Raimo").


Preview Tracks

1. Versetto

2. Kyrie I

3. Christe, Kyrie II

4. Gloria

5. Et interra pax

6. Laudamus Te

7. Gratias Agimus

8. Domine Deus

9. Qui Tollis Peccata Mundi, Miserere

10. Qui Tollis Peccata Mundi, Suscipe

11. Qui Sedes

12. Miserere Nobis

13. Quoniam Tu Solus

14. Cum Sancto Spiritu

15. Canzona Francese Seconda

17. Et Incarnatus

18. Crucifixus

19. Et Resurrexit

20. Et Iterum

21. Et In Spiritum

22. Sonata Terza

23. Sanctus

24. Benedictus

25. Agnus Dei

26. Salve Regina