ALC 0021 New works for G Clarinet Mediterranean Soul

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Classical Music

Composers: Marco Pontini, Claudio De Siena, Michele Mangani, Bèla Kovacs, Vincenzo Correnti, Manuele Filoso, Giovanni Mattaliano, Donato Semeraro

Artists: Piero Vincenti, Marsida Koni, Banda della Polizia

Piano: Marsida Koni

G Clarinet: Piero Vincenti

Orchestra: Banda della Polizia

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0021

Release: November 2019

New Music for G Clarinet is a unique and original album for several reasons, extremely significant both from a musical and cultural point of view. As shown in the title, the main instrument is the G Clarinet, also known as Turkish Clarinet. It was born and developed in the Balkans and almost exclusively associated to the ethnic and jazz music of these lands. Inevitably, Western culture experienced Balkan sounds, melodies and rhythms (which were unrelated to the music of its own belonging) through the Mediterranean entrances, first among them the southern Italian coasts. New Music for G Clarinet is the first and only work currently recorded in which it can be listened and appreciated a G clarinet interpreting almost totally original music, with an unknown timbre. Piero Vincenti is one of the few western clarinetists devoted to the study and promotion of the G clarinet. This work is also testimony to the birth of the first repertoire of cultured music for this instrument, characterized by a unique timbre, which includes pieces for solo clarinet, duo with piano and soloist in wind orchestra.

Preview Tracks

1. Pontini - Yiddish Klarinet

2. Babajainian - Elegia

3. De Siena -Vidrieras

4. Mangani - Adagio

5. Bèla Kovacs - Paganiniana

6. Correnti - Piccolo Angelo

7. Mangani - Jewish Suite - I Maestoso

8. Mangani - Jewish Suite - II Andante cantabile

9. Mangani - Jewish Suite - III Allegretto

10. Mangani - Jewish Suite - IV Allegro

11. Filoso - Cantabile

12. Bèla Kovacs - Hommage a Bach

13. Mattaliano - Vie del Sud

14. Bèla Kovacs - Sholem

15. Semeraro - Anima mediterranea - I Allegro moderato

16. Semeraro - Anima mediterranea - II Lento poetico

17. Semeraro - Anima mediterranea - III Allegro