ALC 0034 Virtuoso violin

Polonaise de Concert No.1 op.4 in D Major, H. Wieniawsky
Praeludium and Allegro in style of Pugnani, F. Kreisler
Libesleid, F. Kreisler
Introduction e Rondò Capriccioso op.28, C.Saint Saens
Cantabile , N. Paganini
L'Abeille ( The Bee) op.13 No.9, F.Schubert
Thais Meditation, J. Massenet
Zigeunerweisen op.20, P. De Sarasate
Theme from Schindler's List, J. Williams
Melodie op.42 No.3 , P.I.Tchaikovsky
Polonaise Brillante No.2 op.21 in A Major, H. Wieniawsky

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Classical Music

Composers: N. Paganini, C. Saint.Saëns, H. Wieniawski, P. de Sarasate, J. Massenet, J. Williams, F. Schubert, Fritz Kreisler, Tchaikovsky

Artists: Falasca Fabrizio, Stefania Redaelli

Fabrizio Falasca, violin

Stefania Redaelli, piano

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0034

Release: December 2019

This precious violinistic promenade calls for a solemn incipit: let's start, then, from Niccolò Paganini, even for chronological reasons: his "Cantabile" refers to the year 1827 and is an example of pulsating and palpable romanticism up to the oneiric stroke. Another style is that of Camille Saint-Saëns. And yet "Introduction and Rondò Capriccioso" (1867), destined for an incomparable virtuoso such as Pablo de Sarasate, displays a writing dense with effect solutions, almost surprising in a declared devotee of classical aesthetics. It was Sarasate himself who, in 1878, composed a small hundred arias and motifs of gypsy inspiration, entitled "Zigeneurweisen". He wrote a version with piano accompaniment and another one for orchestra, it doesn't change much: the absolute and overbearing protagonist of the story remains the violin.  In the same 1878, another small but significant page, this time by Cajkovskij, sees the light in Switzerland: with "Souvenir d'un lieu cher", the Russian composer reaffirms his attention to the violin attested by the almost contemporary writing of the Concerto in D Major.

Preview Tracks

1. Polonaise de Concert No.1 op.4 in D Major_H. Wieniawsky

2. Praeludium and Allegro in style of Pugnani_F. Kreisler

3. Libesleid_F. Kreisler

4. Introduction e Rondò Capriccioso op.28_C. Saint Saens

5. Cantabile_Niccolo' Paganini

6. L'Abeille_The Bee_op.13 No.9 _F. Schubert

7. Thais Meditation_J. Massenet

8. Zigeunerweisen op.20_P. De Sarasate

9. Theme from Schindler's List_J. Williams

10. Melodie op.42 No.3_10_P.I.Tchaicovsky

11. Polonaise Brillante No.2 op.21 in A Major_H. Wieniawsky