ALC 0046 Mithos - Orchestral Symphonies

ALC 0046 Mithos - Orchestral Symphonies

Mithos - Orchestral Symphonies

Category: Modern Classical Music

Composers: Rosella Clementi

Artists: Rosella Clementi

Format: 1 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0046

Release: March 2021

to my brother

Mithos - Orchestral Symphonies was born from the profound fascination that mythological heroes have always inspired. Their reality of privilege should suggest to them the opportunity to rest in a happy state of accomplishment, which would give them abundant ease and gratification. Instead, they dare to challenge the limits imposed by nature and the gods, causing the coveted break in natural boundaries. This stubborn challenge will open the way to an evolutionary transition but, inexorably, it will also condemn them to pay a price, which will mark their destiny for eternity.

Like the fate of the mythological heroes, this symphonic work also aspires to break the limits imposed by technology: through a musical composition realised with digital instruments, rather than with acoustic instruments.

The digital in the composition of purely and densely symphonic writing defies acoustic orchestral purity of sound. It allows the composer to exalt her musical virtuosity, as well as her technological mastery of the analogue instrument, giving her infinite creative freedom. It thus overcomes the concrete limits of orchestral performance, satisfying the artist's aspiration to conceive even very complex works, both in terms of musical writing and in the timbre and sound result of the performance. Inexorably, however, even for the artist-composer who challenges classicism with technology, there is a price to pay: entering Aulicus Classics and finding herself in direct confrontation with the classical scores, which find their solemnity precisely in the acoustic instrumental sound.

Preview Tracks

1. Ikáros

2. Amore and Psyche

3. Penelope’s Heart

4. Eco the Nymph

5. Poseidon’s Kingdom

6. Daphne

7. Filemone and Bauci

8. Lysios

9. Atlantis

10. The Three Parcae

11. Eos

12. Mnemosyne

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