ALC 0026 Beethoven Vol. 1

Sonatas Op. 49 - Sonata I (G minor), Sonata II (G major)
Sonatas Op.2 - Sonata I (F minor), Sonata II (A major)

Sonatas op. 2 - Sonata III ( C major)
Sonata op. 7 (Es major)

Label: Aulicus Classics

Category: Music with Original Instruments

Composers: L. V. Beethoven

Artists: Mastroprimiano Costantino

Fortepiano: Costantino Mastroprimiano

Format: 2 CD

Cat. number: ALC 0026

Release: November 2019

A project that not only recalls the entire cycle of Ludwig van Beethoven's Sonatas, but also addresses the textual peculiarities, correlating them to the different types of instruments that the composer had at his disposal. A careful examination of the comparison between the various sources, the autographs, where available, allowed finding and then achieving important performance details, making it possible to modify the musical sense of some passages. A new perspective for the most important and most performed sonata of the piano repertoire.

Preview Tracks CD 1

1. Sonata op. 49 n. 1 Andante

2. Sonata op. 49 n.1 Rondo. Allegro

3. Sonata op.49 n.2 Allegro, ma non troppo

4. Sonata op. 49 n. 2 Tempo di Menuetto

5. Sonata op.2 n. 1 Allegro

6. Sonata op.2 n 1 Adagio

7. Sonata op.2 n.1 Menuetto. Allegretto - Trio

8. Sonata op.2 n.1 Prestissimo

9. Sonata op.2 n.2 Allegro Vivace

10. Sonata op.2 n.2 Largo appassionato

11. Sonata op.2 n.2 Scherzo. Allegretto - Minore

12. Sonata op.2 n.2 Rondo. Grazioso

Preview Tracks CD 2

1. Sonata op. 2 Sonata III Allegro con brio

2. Sonata op. 2 Sonata III Adagio

3. Sonata op. 2 Sonata III Scherzo Allegro Trio Coda

4. Sonatas op. 2 Sonata III Allegro assai

5. Sonata op. 7 Allegro molto e con brio

6. Sonata op. 7 Largo con gran espressione

7. Sonata op. 7 Allegro Minore

8. Sonata op. 7 Rondò. Poco allegretto e grazioso

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